Bread Making Workshops in Worcestershire with Bread At Home



Bread at Home aims to promote home bread making by teaching you how to make your own additive-free bread in our relaxed bread making workshops. Workshops are held on selected Saturdays and Mondays throughout the year. This year’s courses are aimed at beginners to give confidence and skills in making your own bread. Come and join me. See the calendar for a list of workshops.


Bread making workshops - Attendees at work preparing their loaves

Hard at work shaping loaves

Baking your own bread can be one of the most enjoyable things once you know how to do it. Avoid buying bags of bread mix and special bread making ovens.

In the Bread making workshops, we teach you to make preservative and additive free bread that is a pleasure to eat. My family love the fresh bread I bake and it’s easy to do, once you have the know-how!

You can fit bread making into your everyday life, I’ve done so myself. It’s a case of timing and the bread making workshop will give you all the information you need to time your bread making to perfection.

4 thoughts on “Bread Making Workshops in Worcestershire with Bread At Home

  1. Hi Janice,

    Just spoke to you. Sending this again so that you can confirm that you have my email address correctly. I will get on and get the payment made this morning so that things should be in place in time.

    Thanks, Caroline

  2. Please can you let me know when your next basic bread making course is, myself and a friend are interested. Many thanks. Gaynor

  3. Do you do demonstrations to WI groups? we are looking for one for our quite large WI in early 2017. We can have you filmed onto a screen so everyone can see. We meet on 2nd Monday evening of each month
    Jacki Areley Kings WI Stourport

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